Getting Started.

Sport Fukiya (Fukiya) is new to New Zealand (2016), so it’s a fantastic time to get involved.

Your first step is to make contact with us at the Sports Fukiya Association of New Zealand either through this website or the contact below:

Sports Fukiya Association of New Zealand

P O Box 45-132
Te Atatu
New Zealand

Contact – Adrian Roberts


Make contact with us and we will assist you getting started.

You may want to shoot with a group of friends or introduce the sport to your community. The Sports Fukiya Association of New Zealand, with assistance from the Sport Fukiya Association of Japan may be able to assist with some initial equipment, training and mentoring.

Regardless of how you want to get involved, send us an email and let’s discuss the how.

For those in the Auckland region, The Waitakere Gardens Fukiya Club is very open and welcoming of people who want to come and give the sport a try.